Rejuvenate 64 oz. Dual System Outdoor House Wash and Window Cleaner


Neighbors will come from miles and want to know how you cleaned so much, so fast, without hard scrubbing, without a ladder, without a squeegee and without breaking a sweat. Rejuvenates Outdoor MULTI-Surface House Wash and Window Cleaner is a concentrated formula that instantly removes stains dirt, debris, bird droppings and wind grime from outdoor windows and siding without any hard scrubbing. The formula is simple; rinse, spray on formula, wait 2-minutes and rinse. Repeat as needed or scrub to agitate areas with layers of caked-on dirt. The best way to wash windows is never having to get on a ladder and clean up to 40 remove dirt, pollen, salt residue and other stuck on messes. This window cleaner leaves behind a streak-free shine. Its also non-toxic and is safe to use on vinyl siding, wood siding, brick, stucco, painted walls and exterior window cleaning safe for plants.

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