Dry Shine Quick Wax 17.3 oz. Carnauba Car Exterior Detailing plus 2 in 1 Microfiber Towels (2-Pack)


Dry Shine has developed a new formula for waxing your car quickly and easily by combining premium quality ingredients including Carnauba wax, and a biodegradable ingredient. Weve added a nano-sealer and UV protection which will help protect surface coats and paint. A large hydrophobic capacity which will reduce the accumulation of water on the body surface as well as reduce damage caused by acid rain, and will reduce calcareous traces. Dry Shines Quick Wax brings out the color pigments to make surfaces appear richer, giving a subtle, yet visible WET effect sought by all vehicle enthusiasts and owners. Quick Wax even works extremely well on dark colors such as black, red, and midnight blue. Includes 2 Dry Shine Dual Pile Microfiber Towels. Use the high pile side to clean. Flip it over for a lower pile side to buff to a shine. Soft, plush and manufactured to last. 100% scratch free material.

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