Doorway Pull Up Bar with Multiple Foam Grips




NEW VERSION – ONE PIECE SOLID STEEL CONSTRUCTION: A single piece of solid steel to ensure max strength and offer more stability & security compared with other flimsy chin up bars on the market, support up to 300 lbs. for ultimate safety

3 THICK PADDED GRIP POSITIONS: Come with 3 grip positions with soft foam to provide comfort and prevent slipping

ENHANCE UPPER BODY STRENGTH: Perfect for working out your backs, shoulder, chest, arms, triceps, biceps, last, and the front of your abs

FIT DOORWAYS FROM 24 INCH TO 32 INCH: Great to attach to any doorways from 24 to 32 inch. One (optional) z-bracket included to keep the bar from being knocked off if you leave the bar on

Doorway Pull Up Bar with Multiple Foam Grips


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