Carlisle Sparta 24 in. Rubber Single-Blade Floor Squeegee with 60 in. Fiberglass Handle in Yellow


Sanitary, sturdy and efficient, the Sparta Single-Blade Squeegee from Carlisle features a thermoplastic rubber blade molded into a 1-piece polypropylene plastic frame. This squeegee’s rust-free plastic and rubber construction is designed to last and comes complete with a 60 in. (5 ft.) fiberglass handle with Self-Locking Flex-Tip that offers greater flexibility for cleaning your surfaces. These floor squeegees are available in a full set of colors for the ideal squeegee for your cleaning application or building location. Sanitary – The greatest advantage of the Sparta 24 in. Squeegee is its single-blade design, which restricts bacteria growth. The thick thermoplastic rubber blade is molded directly into a polypropylene frame for a smooth surface that is easy to sanitize and maintain. Sturdy – Constructed from polypropylene plastic, rubber and fiberglass, the Sparta 24 in. Squeegee is built for the most intense wet cleaning jobs on a smooth surfaces. It is able to handle the rugged demand of commercial cleaning applications with its sturdy, rust-free construction. Efficient – The Sparta Single-Blade Squeegee boasts a 24 in. (2 ft.) W to speedily clean wide areas of floor space in a short amount of time. The accompanying 60 in. (5 ft.) handle is constructed of fiberglass, a light-weight and sturdy material that is ideal for extended use. Upgrade your current floor squeegees to the sanitary, sturdy and efficient alternative to get the job done.

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