Ab Roll Exercise Equipment




HEAVY-DUTY and STURDY: This abs roller is made with the highest quality Non-slip rubber and Durable PVC material ensuring it is strong, sturdy and will withstand even the most intense workouts and exercises.

VERSATILE: This ab roller wheel is great for strengthening core muscles, building strong 6-pack abs, sculpting abdominal muscles, back, arms or for general endurance workout exercises.

STABLE and COMFY: This abs roller wheel boosts a large single wheel design with slip resistant grips that prevent slippage, ensuring stability during workouts. What’s more, fitted with soft foam, easy-to grip handles that provides you with increased comfort for smoother workouts sessions.

COMPACT and PORTABLE: Made lightweight and portable so that you allowing you to achieve your fitness goal at home, on the road or wherever you are. Perfect for men women for home, gym and office exercise.

Ab Roll Exercise Equipment


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